Freedom in Knowledge Space

ETH is a new metaphor for learning that spells ‘Freedom to Learn’ using the advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). An acronym for Education to Home, ETH has embarked on the mission of bringing education to millions of learners transcending the barriers of geographies, economic levels and languages.

Founded in 1998, under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, ETH has played a pioneering role in rolling out the concept of Computer Literacy Program (COMPLIT) through a vast network of learning centers, creating job opportunities as well as employment opportunities through entrepreneurial approaches. ETH is engaged in the application of the power of ICT in the field of education. Working with several schools in India and abroad, we have evolved an integrated framework for applying ICT in schools. Our approach covers learning, teaching, administration, communication and collaboration towards creating an educational ecosystem involving learners, teachers, parents, administrators and Government bodies

Our initiatives of ICT for School Transformation (ICTFS) have reached close to 500 schools in Maharashtra, and in several schools spanning 12 countries spanning GCC and Africa. Digital Campus, platform for ICTFS, have been chosen by some of the renowned schools in the GCC countries.

ETH is part of Siva Group that pioneered PC revolution in the 80’s, Mobile revolution in the 90’s and Broadband revolution in the last decade.