A vast population of the human resource remains only partially effective, mainly due to lack of required competencies. A root cause analysis reveals that the necessary grooming in younger children in terms of developing basic human traits and skills that could help them realize their potential fully is often not a part of the education system. Eklavya Gurukul is a step towards multifaceted development of children by way of Experiential Learning, Experimental Learning and Activity Based Learning.

Every parents dream is to help their child develop skills to achieve success in academics and extra-curricular activities. But even after working tirelessly they may fall short in this process.


We have come up with a unique club where your child’s skills will be developed through Activity Based Learning System.

Eklavya Gurukul (ABL) is a IT enabled solution that bridges the ‘Competency and Skills Development’ gap of the present ‘mugging and marks’ centric education system. Eklavya Gurukul is designed and developed to work well with students from all strata of the society, urban, rural and tribal alike, compliments students’ curricular development with enhancement of their Intellectual and Emotional traits, Life Skills and Physical capacities.







Know your child’s starting status 20%
Discuss and decide the most suitable plan for your child 30%
Make sure your child attends the Eklavya Gurukul regularly 80%
Watch your child’s progress step by step! 100%














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Hours Linguistic Strength Numerical & Logical Strength Mental & Memory Abilities Emotional, Physical & Life Skills
1 to 3 Introduce yourself Back to Basics – Know the Tables! What is in the Basket? Physical Activities – Day 1
Writing Letters [ Simple ] What is the Parallel?
4 to 6 Word Power [ Simple Words ] Making a Word – Cycle 2 My Way of Remembering the Story! Good Behavior: Using Right Language 2
Balance the Balance General Information about Disasters – 1
7 to 9 Letters Sudoku Making a Word Fact sheet Physical Activities – Day 2
Road Signs 2
10 to 12 Teaching English – Nouns[Foundation] Trains Movement Father’s Tasks General Information about Disasters – 2
Joining the Dots
13 to 15 Word Power – Cycle 1 Square out of Square Converting Processes and Plans to Diagrams Physical Activities – Day 3
The subtraction of the missing numbers Know and Grow – 1
16 to 18 Role Play My Favorite Sports and Food Memorising School Timetable Tidiness Matters!
Running Calculations – 1
Stone Replacement
19 to 21 Word Power – Cycle 2 Arranging the Rubies What are the Achievements Physical Activities – Day 4
Squares Galore Road Signs 1
22 to 24 Dog and the Bone Connecting the Dots Do Not Jumble with Shapes and Colours Create a Decorative Oil Lamp
Teaching English – Adjectives [Foundation] Wrong Numbers in Wrong Places
Balancing Act
24 to 27 Basic English Usage 1 (Simple) Multiplication Problem 1 Remembering Maps School – My Second Home! – 2
Pathways to Travel Physical Activities – Day 5
28 to 30 My Feelings about My Favorites Wrong Totals Remembering a sequence of words School – My Second Home! – 2
Teaching English – Sentences Preparing a Model of Tower of Pisa
31 to 33 Reading makes man perfect Calculative brain Memorising numbers
34 to 36 Writing Essays [ Simple ] 2 Missing Digits Sports Schedule Wall hanging
We are Proud of them Me and My Family
37 to 39 Writing Essays [ Medium ] 1 More Fun with Higher Tables Enhanced Chess Board Creating a simple balance
40 to 42 Parts of Speech Foundation II The sum of missing Decimals Remembering Facts and Dates Gift to a Parting Friend
My Favorite Book – Cycle 1 School – My Second Home! – 1
43 to 45 Teaching English – Words and Vocabulary [Foundation] Running Calculations – 2 Our First Lesson of Chessboard Human Optical System
46 to 48 Writing it Right – Cycle 2 Speed and Accuracy Both are Important Re-drawing the lines Creating a Paper Wind Wheel
First Aid
49 to 51 We are Word Bees! Tables – They are Inescapable! Path Tracker Preparing a Static Model 1
52 to 54 Writing Essays [ Difficult ] Speedy Calculations Single Point Concentration Create a Decorative Hanging Lamp
What is right?
55 to 57 Parts of Speech Foundation III Sum of the missing jumbled numbers Zig-Zag Lines Project – States and Capitals
58 to 60 Teaching English – Verbs and Tenses [Foundation] Right Sums Writing Scripts Awakening the Literary Genius!
India’s neighbours
61 to 63 Teaching English – Adverbs [Foundation] Match Winning Calculations Draw a Parallel
64 to 66 Writing Essays [ Simple ] 1 The sum of missing numbers Homing the Grain Ceremonial Rangoli
Time is Money – Use it Properly [Time Management – 3]
67 to 69 Accurate Billing Grand Prix: Cycle 2
70 To 72 Playing with the Numbers – it is Real Fun Focusing My own story
Have Holidays – Have Fun [Time Management – 4]
73 To 75 We Don’t need Calculators Pasting the Grains Our Contribution
76 To 78 Writing Letters [ Medium ] Math Riddle Text and Numbers Switch Flowers
Plan Our Time to get Success
79 To 81 The World of Decimals Focus on the right Dots
82 To 84 Writing Essays [ Medium ] 2 Learning to Add and Subtract [ Foundation ] Lines over Lines Home Decor
Preparing a Railway Static Model
85 To 87 Follow me
88 To 90 Writing Letters [ Medium ] Sticky Grains Hanging Lamps
My Daily Routine ( Time Management – 1)
91 To 93 Picking the Right Grains – Cycle 2
94 To 96 Making a Cardboard Box
Beware! Don’t get confused!
97 To 99 Creating a simple scientific water filter
100 To 102 Create a Lantern
Learn to Discard Noise – Cycle 1
103 To 105 Good Behaviour 1
106 To 108 Obedience 2
109 To 111 Orator in making Good Behaviour 2 – Using Right Language
112 To 114 My Favorite Book – Cycle 2 Obedience 1
115 To 117 Story teller Physical Activities – Day 6
118 To 120 Physical Activities – Day 7