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Data Analytics Certifications

Why ?

Educators around the world instruct GIS in two major ways- teaching with GIS and teaching about GIS. Teaching with GIS as an instructional tool helps students think critically, engage in inquiry, and solve problems. This technology enables students to visualize spatial patterns, linkages, and relationships. Many of the Institutes /Colleges/ Universities runs full time Geo-Science and Geo-Informatics programs or have GIS as a part of the curriculum (for other professional courses). There students are taught about GIS which make students knowledgeable but not skillful.
GIS Industry is still undergoing a major growth phase, responding to universal needs for spatial information technology tools in various aspects of management and planning. And it assures to bring a good future to those who have knowledge/Skills of GIS and GIS technology. ETH Limited will play the key role of MapInfo software training Implementation Company for College/ Centre’s/Institutes in the execution of the project. College/Centre’s/Institutes will use the services of ETH Limited for providing them with an online learning platform.

Deeper Specializations

Duration: 34 Hours
Prerequisites: Know Basic Computer Skills
Tools: MapInfo Software
Fundamentals of GIS (Theory),
Introduction of GIS (Theory),
Spatial, Non Spatial Data and Projection,
Image Registration/ Georeferencing,
Vector Data: Digitization and Editing,
Map Preparation,
Data Exploration / Thematic Mapping,
Working with Tables,
Working with Raster,
Data Query,
Spatial Query,
Open Source Data
Duration: 40 Hours
Prerequisites: Know Basic Computer Skills
Licensed Tools: MapInfo Pro Advance and Discover 3D
Terrain Analysis
Raster Analysis
Hydrological Surface Analysis
Suitable Site Analysis
Change Detection Analysis
Geological and Hydrogeological analysis
Environmental Impact Analysis
Duration: 45 Hours
Prerequisites: : Know Basic Computer Skills
Licensed Tools:Leaflet
Programming and the role of programmer,
Programming Practices and Techniques,
JAVA Script,
Introduction to Python and JAVA Leaflet with Maps.