SDA: Skill Development Academy

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What is SDA?

EGSDA is a unique initiative by ETH!

We are faced with a huge gap between the skills available with graduates and the skills required by the industry.Recent reports by various agencies have estimated employability below 20% for engineering graduates. This is worrying as a country especially when it is gearing up for greatest growth in its known history. To address this challenge, we bring industries and institutes together! We understand the industry requirements by studying various trends and create training programmes on that basis.
In the contemporary scenario, the companies starve for talent. Here is what they get


 In the current scenario graduates lack-

  • Practical knowledge of the technologies used in the Industry
  • Understanding of the practical business thinking
  • Application of big picture thinking
  • Knowledge of step by step Career progression
  • Client interfacing skills
  • Communication and documentation

Thinker and thought leader, researcher and innovator, scientist and philosopher, educator and educationist, author and articulator, policy architect and institution builder, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar is one of the IT leaders of India and an internationally acknowledged scientist.

Providing education at the doorsteps of millions of aspiring learners transcending the barriers of geographies, economic levels and languages.

ETH is engaged in the application of the power of ICT in the field of education. Working with several schools in India and abroad, we have evolved an integrated framework for applying ICT in schools. Our approach covers learning, teaching, administration, communication and collaboration towards creating an educational ecosystem involving learners, teachers, parents, administrators and Government bodies

Employable graduates for different industries


Training programs offered by us: