Digital Campus is a one-stop-solution for an educational institution for all its needs, assuring a clean admission processes, timely collection of fees, disciplined scheduling of classes, accurate processing of results, assuring financial position, assuring parents of child progress, empowering teachers with content tools and much more.

Digital Campus helps School connect to all stakeholders like Student, Parent, Teacher and Administrators for effective governance focused on Child Development, Learning and Teaching Processes, Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Communication besides Administrative processes.

Digital Campus helps reduce ‘papered’ operations of administration and schooling. This reduced effort in repetitive and administrative tasks helps teachers focus on teaching, creation of notes and guiding students at a personalized level. With the ability to interface with e-learning tools such as Knowledge Repository, Virtual Classroom and Content Management Systems, Digital Campus enhances the creative output of a teacher.

Digital Campus also acts as integrated platform for enabling effective educational governance of the School / College with which administrator gets the visibility in the operations to the individual student level. Integrated Communication and Collaboration systems helps integrating various communication channels like SMS, Email, News feed, Circulars etc for effective communication.

Digital Campus for You